An Innocent Plastic Water Bottle?

Our staff have spent a great deal of time at sea. By adding up all our time on ships, we have well over 50 consecutive sea years between us. This precious time has left the lingering gift of a profound respect for the ocean, her life and her beauty.

Respect for the ocean and the planet in general are why we focus on helping our shipping partners improve their sustainability practices.

While they seem innocent enough, plastic water bottles are not friends to the ocean. Yes, plastic is an amazing invention that has helped the world modernize in many ways and taken convenience to a new level, but, plastic is destroying our oceans.

There are several areas in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans that are literally being filled with plastic. The Pacific Gyre, otherwise known as 'The Pacific Garbage Patch', is estimated to be twice the size of Texas. Pelagic birds and mammals are suffocating and starving to death from consuming plastic.

We are working with several of our expedition cruise partners to cut back on plastics and want to share a success story with you.

One Small Change Makes A Big Difference

One of our partners recently switched their expedition vessel from using plastic water bottles, an embarkation gift, to reusable water bottles. This small, but very important change has decreased the plastic bottle usage (on average) from 2,500 to 500 for per cruise, a savings of 2000 plastic water bottles per cruise. In a year, the vessel operates, on average 28 cruises a year, which equates to 56,000 plastic water bottles no longer being used.

While not all of these bottles were ending up in the ocean, most are not recycled, as there are no recycling options available in many remote parts of the world, e.g. Ushuaia and trash is a huge problem.

We hope you may also wish to join in making a small change and a big difference! Just say "no" to plastic water bottles.

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